Prefabricated bathrooms

Maximise your project.
Build smarter.

ThonHotelStavanger_IMG_5242_1500xA construction project is the sum of its different elements and stages. So the logic is obvious: The right building blocks are crucial to the final outcome. With prefabricated bathrooms from Part, you will facilitate your planning and design, shorten the construction period, simplify your logistics and get cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Maximise your project and build smarter with Part.

Prefabricated bathrooms for hotels, nursing homes and residential properties.

Prefabricated bathrooms from Part allowing you full freedom in terms of design, function and flexibility within the framework of efficient series production. We produce the environments you want with your choice of finishes, sanitary ware, fittings and lighting. Customised high-quality products provide you with optimal solutions for new construction projects in environments such as hotels, nursing homes and residential properties.

Kv_Larkan_02_1200xPart boosts your construction project.

Our prefabricated bathrooms are produced in our factory in Kalix. Our production is done indoors under controlled conditions ensuring a high and consistent quality and minimum changeover time between different stages. With smart planning and design and efficient production, you will save time and money.

Our fully fitted out bathrooms are delivered directly to construction sites all over Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. Once in place in the building, all that is necessary is to connect the electricity, water and sewer line, and the bathrooms are ready to use. It couldn’t be easier.