Inspiration bathroom

Free reign for ideas.
Capture that dream.

What does the perfect bathroom look like if you give your imagination free reign? Don’t
hold back. Don’t let fixed frames and modules limit your creativity. You will recognize
freedom when you see it. Welcome to Part’s world.

Fritt spelrumFree reign for unbridled ideas.

The design of public environments requires knowledge of movement patterns, behaviours and accessibility, in combination with well-designed solutions on a limited budget. Above all, it is a question of making your ideas a reality. This is where Part comes into the picture. We give you free reign for unbridled creativity.

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Lyfter projektetProduction that gives your project a lift.

Making your design of the perfect bathroom a reality in a successful project has its challenges. Planning, coordination and logistics are the factors that have the biggest impact on how the work proceeds. Part takes up the challenge. We give your project a lift with efficient production and high quality.

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En avtalspartOnly one contractor for all steps.

Procuring the production of the perfect bathroom requires time and patience. Imagine having only one contracting party that delivers a complete solution and takes responsibility for the entire production chain. From idea to fully fitted out bathroom delivered on site to the building. Welcome to Part’s reality.

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aterblickarframtidenLooking back gives a vision of the future.

We think that looking back gives you a perspective on the future. By showing the good things that we have done, we can give you a picture of what we can do for you. Take a look at a selection of successful projects in our photo gallery, be inspired and apply what you like to your reality and your project.

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