Design and construction of bathrooms from Part

Prepare carefully.
Assure the design.

It is the fundamental details that are crucial. Prefabricated bathrooms from Part ensure high quality and long service life through careful planning and design, multi-stage quality assurance and robust construction.


1. Ceiling construction
Ceiling cassettes of polyester-coated steel plate. Cassette height 40 mm.

2. Installations
The bathrooms are delivered with interior fittings and fixtures and installations. Electricity, water and sewer line are connected from the outside.

3. Packaging
Safeguards the product against damage from the weather, wind and shipping (transport).

4. Distribution box
All water connections easily accessible via hatch in the ceilings.

5. Wall construction
Frame of aluminium-zinc coated coffered steel. Exterior clad with 9 mm gypsum. Interior clad with tiles. Wall thickness 70 mm + tiles.

6. Floor construction
Steel frame with a cast concrete slab and mounted floor drain. Clinker flooring. Thickness of concrete max 60 mm.

7. Transport feet
Protects floor drain during transport and storage. Removed in conjunction with delivery.

Crucial details in designs from Part.

Prefabricated bathrooms from Part are built on a C-profile steel frame, 172×60 mm. The floor construction consists of a reinforced waterproof concrete slab with a compressive strength of around 70 Mpa and has a mounted floor drain. The largest concrete thickness is 60 mm.

The floor is die-cast and with a 1:50 gradient towards the floor drain in the shower zone which is also recessed to a depth corresponding to the thickness of one clinker slab. The concrete slab has a film-type wet room liner and is supplied with a clinker finish. Embedded electrical heating cable, or alternatively waterborne underfloor heating with 12 mm hose, is available as an option.

Part offers a skirting board solution with cement-based sealant for the transition between floor and wall. A hygienic and aesthetic solution with a long service life. All installations for electricity and water are easily accessible for connection, inspection and maintenance.


Quality assurance safeguards the production of our prefabricated bathrooms

Part makes CAD drawings of each bathroom type based on your design that you can subsequently approve.

From these approved drawings, we then produce a full-scale reference module that you can inspect and approve on site in the factory. After any adjustments, there is a final inspection of all drawings and specifications before series production of the project starts.


Work process in brief.

  1. Part confirms the written order from the customer with an order confirmation.
  2. A project summary is drawn up in cooperation with the customer’s representative.
  3. The customer sends the architectural drawings for the project to Part.
  4. Design and development of the production drawings for the reference module.
  5. Materials for the reference module are ordered.
  6. Review and approval of drawings for the reference module.
  7. Production of the reference module
  8. Design and development of production drawings for all the bathrooms.
  9. Inspection, adjustments and approval of the reference module.
  10. Ordering of materials for all the bathrooms.
  11. Series production of all the bathrooms
  12. Delivery according to schedule drawn up in the project summary.