Prefabricated bathrooms for the developer

One contracting party.
All the stages.

A contractor that delivers complete bathrooms, checked and quality-assured, equipped
with all the fittings and fixtures and ready to use. Where planning and design, materials procurement, production and a five year warranty are included. All delivered at the pace your project requires. No, it is not too good to be true. Welcome to our reality.
Welcome to Part.

High quality at the right price with
prefabricated bathrooms.

The optimum construction project delivers the highest quality within the budget framework set. The dream scenario is to have a few pounds left over for that little extra. Part is as close to this as you can get.

With prefabricated bathrooms produced in the factory, you get a complete product delivered to your construction site. Depending on whether the bathrooms are installed before or after the frame has been raised, the bathrooms are lifted in by truck, crane or another choice of lifting device. Once in place in the property, all you need to do is connect the electricity, water and sewer line, and then the bathrooms are ready to use.

Efficient production and simpler coordination are the biggest benefits with Part. Resulting in a shorter construction period, lower production costs and a high-quality end product.

Part is your comprehensive contractor
for the entire production.

Imagine having only a single contractor for everything relating to the production of the bathrooms you order. With Part as your contractor, you get an all-inclusive delivery of the planning and design, highly skilled engineering, materials procurement and then production at the pace your project requires.

High and consistent quality is the result of industrial production indoors under controlled conditions, and a five year warranty is included. Experience the benefits of cooperation with a comprehensive contractor. Welcome to Part.