Fordelar Arkitekter

Prefabricated bathrooms for the architect

Your expression.
Strong impression.

We know that the architecture goes deeper that what you see on the surface. Designing
environments that inspire and support the functions that a space is intended for with a limited
budget is a challenge. Imagine being able to build at a lower price without compromising on
creativity and quality with prefabricated bathrooms. What would you use the rest of the budget for?

Kvalitet o kreativitet

Quality and creativity are foremost for Part.

In our world you get support for your expression and can create environments that make a strong impression at a competitive price. With no loss of quality. Part makes a reality of your ideas and creates prefabricated bathrooms with modules that are anything but standard solutions.

You have full freedom in the design. We adapt the design and fittings and fixtures to your wishes and build solutions adapted to your project in big and small series. With cost-effective production and logistics solutions that save time, the pricing is lower than if you build the same environments in situ. Money that you can use elsewhere, instead.

Design freely within the framework of a prefabricated bathroom.

Part offers room for free design with a system that takes advantage of all the benefits of the prefabricated bathroom. Lightweight walls of aluminium, zinc and steel coffered plate form the foundation of our modular system. You determine the placement of openings for windows and doors, and select the finishes and tiles you want.

The floor is a die-cast concrete floor in a steel frame and slopes towards the floor drain, has a wet room liner, and your choice of clinkers. A wet room ceiling made of coffered, white-lacquered polyester-coated steel plate provides flexibility in the design.

The bathrooms are fitted out on delivery with the sanitary ware the fittings and the interior fixtures that you want. With one lift, the bathrooms are in place in the building. Then all you need to do is connect the electricity, water and sewer line, and the bathrooms are ready to use.

Create your own design, with form, function and flexibility from Part.