Prefabricated bathrooms

High quality.
Right price.

Quality and cost-effectiveness are two crucial factors in choosing the supplier for your bathrooms. It’s simple mathematics: Specialist expertise and high quality can be profitable with the right production chain. With prefabricated bathrooms from Part your project can flow smoothly and be cost-effective. Industrial process production in the factory guarantees the highest quality. Streamline your project and build more reliably with Part.

Bathing season all year round, with
bathrooms built in the factory.

The bathroom is the most demanding room in a construction process from several points of view. Many different trades and professions are involved in the work for various periods and the work requires careful planning to make it as efficient as possible. High demands on quality assurance in wet rooms are another important aspect. Prefabricated bathrooms from Part are produced in an industrial environment which enables efficient planning of the various stages in the process. When production takes place indoors, production is assured against the impact of weather and wind. With us, it is quite simply bathing season all year round.

Design your bathroom yourself and we’ll
take care of the rest.

Prefabricated bathrooms are anything but synonymous with a standardised design. You draw up yourself exactly the bathroom you want and select the tiles, clinker, sanitary ware, fittings and fixtures and lighting. When all the drawings are approved, we build a reference bathroom that you can inspect on site along with your architects, customers and others involved in the project. The reference bathroom provides a quality control to ensure that everything will be as you intended. After any adjustments we begin production of the number of bathrooms you require. Your high-quality complete bathrooms are then delivered to your construction site as the building grows. Floor by floor. At the right time. Once in place in the building, all that is necessary is to connect the electricity, water and sewer line, and the bathrooms are ready to use.