Prefabricated bathrooms from Part

Efficient production.
Flexible solutions.

Every builders know that wet rooms require specialist knowledge, time and precision
to meet high demands on quality, finish and cost-effectiveness. We dare to claim that
we have the perfect solution. With prefabricated bathrooms produced in the factory,
Part delivers high volumes at competitive prices without compromising on quality
and flexibility. Our production capacity amounts to 7,000 bathrooms per year.

robotFlexible, fast and reliable production with Part.

Part supplies the market with high-quality prefabricated bathrooms at competitive prices. In our two factories in Kalix in northern Sweden, production is carried out under controlled conditions in an industrial environment.

With a production capacity amounting to 6,000 bathrooms per year, we take advantage of all the benefits of series production: Efficient planning of the work of all trades and professions involved, time-savings, cost-effectiveness, quality and high delivery reliability. Production is completed entirely indoors and is not affected by wind and weather. More flexible, faster, more reliable and more affordable production is the result.

Prefabricated bathrooms with room for customised solutions.

Our strength lies in the combination of standardised production, with flexibility in terms of design and fittings and fixtures. With customised solutions adapted to the client’s project, we deliver prefabricated bathrooms to hotels, nursing homes and residential properties across the whole of Europe. On delivery, these bathrooms are fully fitted out with your unique selection of tiles, clinker, floor, fixtures and fittings and sanitary ware. Once in place in the building, all that is necessary is to connect the electricity, water and sewer line, and the bathrooms are ready to use. It couldn’t be easier.