Part, our history

Spontaneous idea sparks
concept for success.

It all began in 1989. Founder of Part, Nils Lundholm, who at the time was running the company Sangishus, had been commissioned to build a house in three weeks. The house had a timber structure and the customer wanted tiles in the bathroom. Since organic materials and tiles aren’t a great combination, Nils and his team were challenged with finding a solution in a race against the clock.

With time against them they hit upon the idea which, today, is the basis for Part. The solution was steel cassettes coated with plaster on the outside and lined with tiles on the inside. Pre-furnished bathrooms were lifted into place in the house, the water and power connected and the whole build completed within the prescribed timeframe. The house was ready in three weeks.

From house factory to bathroom factory.

Nils realised that they were onto something with this new product that they had developed. Soon the company started supplying prefabricated bathrooms for hotel building projects in Sweden.

Then, at the start of the nineties, the financial crisis hit. Orders for houses were conspicuous by their absence, while the demand for bathrooms remained steady. The company mothballed its house production and the house factory became a bathroom factory. And with that, the new company Part was launched.

Unique concept with production lines much like those in the car industry.

Part soon grew out of the former house factory and moved into new premises in central Kalix.

With a production chain similar to that of the car industry’s, Part created a unique competitive concept and gained a leading position in the market.

The Winter Olympics in Lillehammer fired the starting gun for a strong market in Norway.

Nine new hotel complexes were built ahead of the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. All with prefabricated bathrooms from Part. This was the starting shot for the company’s success on the Norwegian market.

Johan, a salesman in Norway, also opened the door for the company when he bumped into an old friend from junior school at a party: Arthur Buchardt, a well-known investor in spectacular hotel builds. Since then, Part has been supplying prefabricated bathrooms for many of his projects.

Part is also a supplier to the hotel magnate and property developer Petter Stordalen. Choice Hotel in Norra Bantorget and Sign Hotel are two of his hotels in Stockholm that the company has provided bathrooms for.

Courage to think outside the box.

Part is driven by energy, curiosity and a desire to take on and try new paths. This is the secret behind its successful product development over the years. They are also the qualities that inspire the courage to embrace different types of projects and think outside the box.

For example, the company has become one of the owners of the property that houses the hotel Best Western plus Sthlm Bromma, and it has developed a new hotel concept, Nils Hotell, in Kalix, a modular hotel that has simplicity and high standard at the right price as its motto. It’s a concept for the modern guest who books, checks in and pay online. Part is manufacturing the bathroom modules and testing a new steel shell with the aim of developing faster production methods. The subsidiary, PartIT, runs the hotel.

The joinery company, Space, who makes hotel fittings and special solutions for hotels, is also part of the group.

New markets are opening up.

Following its original basic idea, Part is now expanding into new markets, with its focus fully on supplying finished solutions, high quality, cost effectiveness and logistics that help move the projects smoothly along.

In the housing market, Part is now focusing on supplying finished kitchens for new build apartments. The company can see a growing market here in Sweden. The need for newly produced housing is great and Part can offer cost-effective, high-quality solutions.

Constant development is taking Part into the future.

Production chains, materials and processes are undergoing constant improvement and scrutiny by skilled personnel in the development department.

Many of the company’s technicians have been there since its launch. They know the company inside and out and are driven by valuable strengths such as a keen curiosity and the desire to improv.

Time and financial muscle are important criteria for building up a business like Part. Twenty-five years after it was founded, Part now has all of its production housed in three ultramodern factories in Kalix and the profit generated by the business is invested in new robotic assembly lines, equipment and innovation. Constant development is taking Part into the future.