More efficient projects with prefabricated bathrooms

Get connected.
Then relax.

With prefabricated bathrooms from Part, you get high-quality solutions adapted to the object in question for the construction of hotels, nursing homes and residential properties. Connect the electricity, water and sewer line, and then the bathrooms are ready to use. Ready to relax in. You save time and money with simpler production planning and more efficient projects. It couldn’t be easier.

Better economy in your construction
project with prefabricated solutions.

The main advantage lies in the simplicity. You order a complete bathroom and get a single contracting party for the entire production. With prefabricated solutions from Part, you get shorter construction periods, more reliable production, high delivery reliability and a better economy in your construction project.

Production is carried out in an industrial environment which is not subject to the weather, ensures consistently high quality, efficient production management and requires less supervision on the construction site. The result is more efficient logistics and better economy in your construction project.

Reliable delivery at the right time
directly to the construction site.

Deliveries are made directly to your construction site at the agreed time, tailored to your project planning. Floor by floor, as the building grows.

Packaging materials that can withstand wind and weather, transport and handling at the construction site, along with transport feet that protect the floor drain, assure your delivery.

With a single lift, the bathroom is in place in the building, and the only thing you need to do is connect the electricity, water and sewer line. Depending on whether the bathrooms are installed before or after the frame has been raised, the bathrooms are lifted in by truck, crane or another choice of lifting device.

Prefabricated vs place built.