Prefabricated bathrooms

Prefabricated bathrooms delivered
directly to construction site.

A construction project is the sum of its different elements and stages. So it’s obvious:
The right building blocks are crucial to the final outcome. With prefabricated bathrooms from Part,
you can facilitate your planning and design, shorten the construction period, simplify your logistics
and get more cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Benefits for all, who are you?

Benefits for ARCHITECTS

  Prefabricated bathrooms for the architect Your expression. Strong impression. We know that the architecture goes deeper that what you see on the surface. Designing environments that inspire and support the functions that a space is intended for with a

Benefits for DEVELOPERS

Prefabricated bathrooms for the developer One contracting party. All the stages. A contractor that delivers complete bathrooms, checked and quality-assured, equipped with all the fittings and fixtures and ready to use. Where planning and design, materials procurement, production and a

Benefits for CONTRACTORS

Prefabricated bathrooms for the contractor. Reduced changeover times. Increased efficiency. One of the challenges in a construction project is that so many different trades and professions are involved. For the work to flow smoothly and be ready on time requires

Certified quality. Sustainable focus.

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Maximise your project. Build smarter.

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Plan the process.
Assure the project.

The strength of your production chain depends strongly on planning that works and the ability to coordinate the different elements of the project in the best way. Part has many years of experience in building prefabricated bathrooms, with careful planning and design, robust construction and multi-stage quality assurance being our fundamental strengths. Because it’s the details that are crucial. Try us out.

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Design and construction

It all starts with your unique design. We then make your idea a reality with planning and design, materials procurement and production.

Full-scale test models

Once all the drawings have been approved, we build a reference bathroom for you to inspect and approve on-site. That’s full-scale quality assurance.

Final Inspection

After this inspection, any adjustments and your approval of the bathroom, we start series production.


The finished bathrooms are delivered to your construction site and lifted into place in the building as it grows.